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About The Mad Alternative

What is Mad Alternative?
We here at BaconBitz Radio have been so disgusted with the current state of radio that we decided to create an entirely new genre. That's right Mad Alternative. Mad Alternative incorporates Punk, Alternative, and Modern rock and digs deep into each of the three rock genres while being sure not to neglect the current rock music hits.

What does that mean to me?
That means you're going to hear music you never even knew existed while you enjoy your favorite rock music in between. This station is for the open minded listener who isn't afraid to hear something different, but always good.

Our History
The demand for a good rock radio station in Denver, Colorado was met with KXPK 96.5 The Peak.

Meanwhile, BaconBitz Radio started out as a (bye bye mycaster) radio station that would broadcast live for about 1-2 hours a day. We really didn't know what we were doing, we were just having fun. No one heard our broadcast, but it was fun. shut it's doors. It was a great idea, but (just like our station) no one knew about it. How sad. Then, the unthinkable happened....KXPK switched format to 80s! KTCL (a competing Alternative station) got a screwy format as it would play bands like TOOL next to their new DJ Martha Quinn from MTV. AHHHH!!! (KTCL did not last long that way).

Screw Denver corporate crap radio we have to bring Bacon Back! And that's just what we did on! 24 Hours a day 7 days a week it's BaconBitz. I know live radio is better but we will try to be live whenever we can and we will tell you when it happens. We are very busy people you know. Now we are going into 2003 on a great note! We have a new website, a new play list and a new image! The Mad Alternative is alive and kicking, with 3 live shows a week, and 2 new programs. We've had to overcome a few things recently though. Every time we turn on KTCL here in Denver, it seems they have taken one of our ideas and put it on air there! They gave up their 80s crap, and Martha Quinn and started to sound more and more like us. That was our biggest downfall in 2002! We rock harder than KTCL any day!

That's the story now sit back and enjoy your Bacon.Enjoy the ONLY Mad Alternative radio station which is dedicated entirely to the listener.