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The Bitz Archive Downloads

[Download] - "See Ya 80s Peak!"

A BaconBitz tribute to the radio station we loved to hate.
A prank call done by BaconBitz. We called people collect as Jesus Christ, and one guy actually accepted!
We called people as a Good Shephard worker trying to get people to donate things, but he tends to think everyone is lying when they tell him "No"...
From: "The Wal-Mart Show" CD
This was a prank call done by BaconBitz Radio. We called Wal-Mart pretending to be a manager from Target because someone who applied at Target said they used to work at Wal-Mart on an application under their references. Get it? But there's a little twist to the reference part and a strange ending. Oh, the wonders of live radio.
BaconBitz discovered an organization dealing with birth control called BCMF or Birth Control Mother F***ers. We didn't believe it so we called to do an interview with the president / founder.  It was an interesting interview...
From: "The Wal-Mart Show" CD
Well, BaconBitz Radio was at Wal-Mart when we ran into everyone's favorite pop star: Bono from U2. This was the interview we had the pleasure of having with the pop music God.
From: "The Heather Show" CD
Ok, this entire show was a bad idea to begin with. Plus, the fact that Heather missed the whole point of it didn't help any. It was a show dedicated to Eddie's ex-girlfriend and the point of the show was to ask for her friendship. But then, something he didn't plan on happening happened. So this is the changed, not so happy ending . Need I say more? Enjoy.
A Public Service Announcement compliments of BaconBitz Radio. This is a not a dramatization or reenactment of any kind. This is what happens when your guitar string breaks when you least expect it. Listener discretion is advised.
BaconBitz found a tape (we're not telling where) of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain leaving an answering machine message. He's really pissed off and we can't really figure out why. Maybe you can tell us, email

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