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Mad Alternative | BaconBitz Radio

BaconBitz Radio - YOUR Rampage

The Mad Alternative

SATURDAY (12/21):
XtremeBitz with Rob & Eddie is LIVE at 11p/10c (9pm MST). Join the crazy bastards for prank calls, an interesting stunt involving ordering water and a Denny's, mayhem, and more!
 FM BaconBitz Radio's Fund:
 Current balance: $00.5 of $50 million
BaconBitz REWIND: A rebroadcast of last Saturday's XtremeBitz is Wed. night, at 7:00MST (9p/8c). Don't forget to catch it live on Saturday nights!

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The Internet has given rock radio listeners a chice. The choice has been made, this is your new home for the best rock on the web!

Here at BaconBitz Radio we throw the funniest comedy and the best alternative, punk, and modern rock into a blender and spit it out 24/7 for your listening pleasure. This combo allows you to hear your favorite songs, along with stuff you've never heard.

Why? FOR YOU. This is a station of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is YOUR BaconBitz Radio.


To listen you must have

Use WinAmp!!


Only use if you have to!

WinAmp works best!

BaconBitz NEEDS YOU! If you think your funny, or even if your not, The Bitz would love to hear your prank calls, random conversation, you spanking your cat, or anything you have that you want us to play! Just send them to!

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