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Live Shows
The normal stream broadcasts at 24k (33k modem or higher to listen), while all live shows broadcast at 32k (56k modem or higher).

X2K Bitz
Host: Josh 
X2K Bitz is a show with a different theme every time. Don't worry, the Mad Alternative is all here. From the 90s to now and even a few rare exceptions, it's never the same show twice, so keep an eye on your BaconBitz BLAST ( to subscribe) for show dates and details or visit Be sure to join Josh for his kick ass show! Have a show theme idea? Email Josh at

Features: Random something, Music you haven't heard in a while, Josh's story behind the song, and random chats about whatever
Time: Thursday nights at 9:00PM MST (11/10c)


Just Rock with Jorge 
The mystery behind this show will soon be revealed!  Tune in Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM MST and enjoy Just Rock with Jorge.

Features: Once the details emerge from the black lagoon, well get on with it ok?

Time: Tuesday nights at 9:00PM MST (11/10c)


Xtreme Bitz
Hosts: Eddie and Rob
It's crazy, fun, and unlike any radio show you've ever heard before! Join Rob and Eddie Saturday nights 9:00PM Mtn, (11/10c)! Replays Wednesday nights at 7, with the Rewind!

Features: LIVE prank calls, good conversation, listener interaction, stunts, comedy and more! 

Time: Saturday nights at 9:00PM MST (11/10c), when LIVE From Boulder isn't on.
AIM/AOL: BaconBitzRadio