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BaconBitz News

The Mad Alternative FM Radio Fund
Current Balance: $0.76 of $50,000,000.00

Latest News 
BaconBitz has kicked off the new year with a new image and a new attitude! We've muddled through our normal play list, rethought our live shows and added special weekly broadcasts, and after all the change was done, we were up and rocking like never before.

Newest Music Added
Our whole play list has been recreated. We killed the crap, added some rockin' tunes, including some new ska, punk, and true alternative from the 90s and today. Check out our kick ass playlist! For easy access, click here.

BaconBitz Radio's Never Ending Mission
To be the most listened to and the greatest rock alternative station at The world needs great music and radio, and we will never stop short of giving that to you, the listener, wherever you may be!

The BaconBitz Blast
Keep up with all that's crazy at the Mad Alternative. Sign up for the BaconBitz Blast and always be informed of new music, the latest shows, and anything else we think up! To sign up, simply send your email address to Send with subject line: Blast.