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Streaming Staff
A look into the world of the crazy idiots at BaconBitz

Click a name to view our kick ass bios!

 Eddie  [ Xtreme Bitz, Ska Mecca, Live From Boulder (Coming soon)]
 Josh  [ X2k Bitz, Alternative 90s ]
 Jorge  [ Just Rock ]
 Rob  [ Xtreme Bitz ]
 Ryan  [ Live From Boulder (Coming soon) ]

All bios are 100% unique, genuine, and crazy. This is our gift to you, a look into the minds of the people behind the bitz. The Mad Alternative wants you to know us. We all love BaconBitz and some of us would marry it if we could, so ladies, please help us out before we go crazy!

While listening to the Mad Alternative, keep an ear out for our 'BaconBitz DJ Personals.' We figured, we have the air, so let's use it!