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Position: DJ

About: Rob is from Westminster, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. He's the co-creator of XtremeBitz with Eddie, the mastermind of this internet radio deal. They figured that if two crazy bastards like themselves had their own radio show it would be crazy and very entertaining. Rob met Eddie about three years ago and that's when the mayhem began. They never had an outlet for their own blend of psychotic entertainment and folly, but now with the medium of internet radio, they can spread this insanity throughout the world, which will never be the same.

Favorite Quotes: "It is merely symptomatic of our post-modern on 'we.'  There are no absolutes unless you perceive our world as meaningless when its really your own freedom you detest.  I like pork!",  "I know I'm 1 crazy bastard."

Favorite Bands: Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Adema, American Head Charge, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, Goldfinger, The offspring, Greenday, From Zero, The Living End, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, AC/DC, Rob Zombie, Elwood, Metallica, Megadeth, Kiss, Slipknot, Spineshank, and more.