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Ever wonder what the story behind that voice is? Here's your chance to find out!

Creator, Program Director, Music Director, Webmaster, DJ
Shows: LIVE From Boulder, XtremeBitz (If you would like syndication info, email and BaconBitz Radio (normal stream)
       Time: 24/7 Stream, Saturday Nights and Sunday mornings (Check Shows section for exact time.)
About: Eddie is from Denver, Colorado and has been programming BaconBitz Radio for over two years. It's his favorite hobby because it incorporates everything he loves all into one: comedy, music, and radio.  Eddie is generally sarcastic and sometimes has a dry sense of humor that seems to get very wet during live broadcasts. What does that mean you ask? The fried fish special will be honored ONLY on Tuesdays.
Favorite Bands: Reel Big Fish, 311, Weezer, Nirvana and many more.
Quote: "Why pay for the 'milk' when you can get the cow for free?"

Assistant Program Director, Music Director, Webmaster, DJ
Show: X2K Bitz
       Time: Thursdays @ 9PM Mountain Time (11/10c)
About: Josh is an Iowa native who has lived in the suburbs of Denver since 1991. He's an electrical engineering student at CU Denver and loves girls, music, and making the most of life. His favorite music is 90s alternative.

Favorite Bands: Dave Matthews Band, Cake, Lit, Gin Blossoms, and Radiohead
Quote: 'Such a lovely day, but it's nothing more than ordinary'
 DJ, Public Relations Director
Show: Classic Bitz with Jorge
       Time: Tuesday Nights @ 9PM Mountain Time (11/10c) 
About: Jorge is from Denver, Colorado and has helped BaconBitz Radio for about a year, and is excited about the premiere of his own show.  Jorge brodcasts primarily from Ripon, Wisconsin and provides BaconBitz Radio national influences.  Jorge will take on any listener in a round of useless music trivia.
Favorite Bands: Linkin Park, Eve 6, Tait, H20, and BNL
Quote: "From this arises the question: whether it is better to be loved or feared or the reverse . . . it is far better to be feared than loved." Nicolo Machievelli

Show: XtremeBitz
       Time: Saturday Nights (Check Shows section for exact times.)
About: Rob is from Westminster, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.  He's the co-creator of XtremeBitz with Eddie, the mastermind of this internet radio
deal.  They figured that if two crazy bastards like themselves had their own radio show it would be crazy and very entertaining.  Rob met Eddie about three years ago and that's when the mayhem began.  They never had an outlet for their own blend of psychotic entertainment and folly, but now with the medium of internet radio, they can spread this insanity throughout the world, which will never be the same.
Favorite Bands: Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Adema, American Head Charge, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, Goldfinger, The offspring, Greenday, From Zero, The Living End, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, AC/DC, Rob Zombie, Elwood, Metallica, Megadeth, Kiss, Slipknot, Spineshank, and more.
Quotes: "It is merely symptomatic of our post-modern on 'we.'  There are no absolutes unless you perceive our world as meaningless when its really your own freedom you detest.  I like pork!",  "I know Im I crazy bastard."
Remember 3-14-01, the day of the Weasel.  Rob's info was brought to you by Flotek, a subsidiary of Bray International Inc. 
Show: LIVE From Boulder
       Time: Saturday Nights (Check Shows section for more info.)
About: Ryan is from Denver, Colorado and has been working with BaconBitz Radio for one year. Ryan enjoys being a DJ for BaconBitz Radio's LIVE From Boulder because he gets a chance to expose the masses to "good music." "Radio sucks, but on BaconBitz Radio we can play anything, the Grateful Dead followed by the Sex Pistols, then maybe some Blues, like B.B. King. You just don't hear that on normal radio." Of coarse as soon as his co-host Eddie gets behind the music wheel we hear stuff like Nirvana, Living End, Green Day, and New Found Glory. The fact that Ryan can play B.B. King next to punk rock is what makes BaconBitz Radio well worth his time.
Favorite Bands: (In no particular order)REM, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Black Sabbath, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Otis Redding, Al Green, Chet Atkins, The Samples, Guns 'N Roses, Nirvana, John Lee Hooker, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Extreme, Joe Satriani, The Ramones, Pearl Jam, Yes, Chuck Berry
Quote: Where's your quote Ryan??? Your listeners are getting restless, so I'm making one up for you. "I like little boys." If you want this changed email me!

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