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Hey! What's your Bacon doing?!!

Over Two Years of Rockin' The Web!

--Newest Music Added: "Jackass" and "And Now We Dance", by The Vandals and "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte. How do you like them apples? Got an idea for some music? Your input is what makes BaconBitz Radio!!

--BaconBitz Raio needs someone to do New Rock Reviews! You pick the song, you do the review. It's that simple! If you think you have what it takes email us!

--LIVE FROM BOULDER:  The music will roll on soon!

--Our toll free voice mail is currently down due to our provider being a jackass. We'll let you know when we get another one. 

--New poll! Go to the Listener Poll page to vote!

--Come on people, use that message board it's not there for our health. It's your forum where you can say what songs are getting old, what songs you want, or anything else you want to bitch about. So have fun! 

--BaconBitz Radio's new goal: To be the most listened to rock station at I know it's a big goal, but we are going to work hard to meet the needs of rock listeners across the web.

--Send your recorded mp3 (.wav are ok if file's not too big) comedy bits, prank calls, random conversation or anything else funny you would like us to play on air and post on the website. It's going to be for a new segment called Fan Bitz, so get crackin'.

--Do you have a fan page devoted to your favorite BaconBitz Band, BaconBitz Radio, or even cheese cake?? What are you waiting for, you get a free link on the Bands & Fans page!! Go post it now!!

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